About Bobi Art

BOBI art is a brand featuring funny and cute hand drawn dog related greeting cards and
handmade gifts for dog lovers. It was founded in West London by artist and designer
Arleta Jankowska.
She works from her home studio, more precisely in the corner of her room on a desk
and a printer. She hand draws illustrations by using high quality fine liners, coloured pencils, charcoal
and other art mediums.

About Arleta

Hello, my name is Arleta.
I am the owner of a little Maltese/ Bichon frise doggy named Bobi. He inspired me to create the BOBI art brand.
I love animals, art, and simple things in life. I like to combine all three elements into my dog related greeting cards, which I would like to create and send you, not only is it a
piece of art, but also a smile.
I have a background in Interior design, but that cannot fulfil my creativity, I need to constantly create something new. I am passionate about art and design. I love to paint and draw, as far back as I can remember, I have drawn and painted.


My name is Bobi.
I am Arleta’s four-legged friend. I love long walks, human food, barking at random objects, but most of all I love my cuddles, lots of cuddles.