This is my little creative nook – someone may call it a home studio…

1. How do you create your work?

I hand draw illustrations which I then scan and print onto cards.


2. What kind of mediums do you use to create illustrations?

I use fineliners, coloured pencils, pens, charcoal, and ink. I like mixing mediums in the pieces I create and trying new things. I would like to experiment with new art supplies in the future.

3. Do you use a computer to make illustrations?

No, almost all illustrations are hand drawn, just few card designs are made by using the computer.


4. Are you able to draw other animals than dogs or not related pets illustrations?

Yes I am. All commissions are welcome.


5. How do you become a dog illustrator?

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. My dog inspired me. I started to doodle pictures of my dog and then I realised it could be great image for card. I also did paintings and sketches of portraits.



6.I have written a book can you illustrate it?

Yes I can, also I can help with blog and brand designs and other illustrations.


7. Do you deliver products to different countries then UK or Europe?

Yes of course I can send orders worldwide. Please have a look at my delivery policy here. 


8. What packagings do you use to deliver orders?

Orders are packed into eco biodegradable packaging. Display card bags are fully compostable. Although it does look like plastic it is made of corn starch. 🙂

If you have a question please contact me, I will get back to you soon.